Capitanich: "There was a drastic drop in the number of Covid-19 infections"

This Sunday, Governor Jorge Capitanich held a videoconference with the members of the Health Emergency Committee, to analyze the health indicators for week 77 of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the president, “The indicators show a positive behavior with a drastic fall in the number of infections equivalent to 27.8% compared to the previous week, based on 156 daily infections on a weekly average”.

“The Greater Resistance Metropolitan Area, which concentrated 97% of infections at the beginning of the pandemic, today was reduced to 25%, with the rest of the localities reaching 75%”, he pointed out.

In addition, Resistance had a significant reduction in cases due to infection and vaccination immunity, since it has more than 95% of the target population vaccinated. The reduction in infections implies a reduction of hospitalization with mechanical ventilation to 12.1%, and 24.3% in the use of Covid beds.

“The positivity reaches 12.6% weekly average on 1,270 daily tests. In this way, there is an abrupt reduction in infected assets that in the first three weeks of June reached almost 10,000 people. At present, there are 1,629 active infected persons, 319 of which are in the city of Resistencia, ”Capitanich explained.

“There is no doubt that the successful Vaccination Plan had an impact but we cannot relax before the eventual appearance of the delta strain ”, he remarked.

Given this, on the recommendation of the Committee, progress will be made on three key issues:

  • Encourage vaccination in people who have not yet been vaccinated, since they can effectively be the vehicle for the spread of new strains.
  • Intensify the control of the use of the COVID passport for closed places.
  • Persevere in complying with the sanitary protocol.

“Despite the positive indicators, we cannot neglect ourselves. We are getting closer and closer to meeting our vaccination goals, which will entail reaching more than 70,000 doses this week in a condition to be applied ”, concluded the Chief Executive Officer.

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