Boca and Racing closed Sunday with a goalless draw at La Bombonera

Boca Juniors and Racing did not make differences in La Bombonera: they equaled 0-0 for the Professional League, in a classic that did not offer great emotions, apart from the fact that the venue was more ambitious and generated more and better scoring chances.

In the context of a balanced start, of crossed pressure, Xeneize had more the ball, from an orderly and tidy midfield, with Rolón becoming the axis and owner of the relays, and Ramírez as a point of imbalance. At the same time, the left wing, with the Sandez-Pavón tandem, was the busiest sector, with a couple of good overflows resolved by the visiting defense.

The “academy” replied with a couple of actions to attack space, such as Miranda’s irruption (at the same time that Correa left the hole for him) that led to a botched shot, from a disturbing position.
The riskiest action was in charge of Carlos Izquierdoz. At 42 minutes, the defender received a precise cross from molinas and headed to the ground. He ran into an outstanding reaction from the archer Arias, who avoided the conquest.

The complement

In the second part, they held the postures. Mouth, seeking to break from below, with mobility, but without the surprise or freshness to decode the order exhibited by the Academy. And those guided by Úbeda, without running off the score, well structured defensively and with the chips placed on a counter or in the detection of a lethal error from the premises.

Beyond Advíncula’s injury (Weigandt entered), the two coaches bet to keep plans with other interpreters. Xeneize sent Briasco and Pulpo González to the field for Almendra and Pavón. Racing, to Alcaraz and Rojas for Cvitanich and Chancalay.

At 16 minutes of the complement, Ramírez invented a nice play and left Vázquez face to face with Arias, who won the duel with a timely exit. And the attacker himself had two other great opportunities through the passing game. At 38, when a cross header of his was repelled down the line by Nery Domínguez. And at 45, when he returned to connect from above and Arias bounced.

Indeed, in the last quarter of an hour, the siege of Boca was somewhat more intense, but the necessary freshness did not emerge to break a closed Racing and with trade for the defensive task.

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