Beto Cuevas and Oscar Mediavilla star in tense moment after Alejandra Valle’s show at The Covers

This Sunday night Beto Cuevas and Oscar Mediavilla once again starred in a tense moment in The Covers.

It happened after the presentation of Alejandra Valle, who performed the song El Beso de Mon Laferte.

Once her performance was over, Mediavilla took the floor to evaluate the communicator with an opinion that her partner on the jury did not share at all.

“But Oscarito”, the Chilean singer interrupted him, after which the Argentine composer replied: “It’s what I felt partner.”

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“Okay,” said Cuevas, to which the trans-Andean replied: “Didn’t you feel the same or not?”

“It sounds different over there, it seems. I listened to it with headphones and… well, it’s not my turn yet ”, launched the singer of La Ley.

“I still respect you. Little but I respect it “Mediavilla said with a smile, quickly clarifying that it was just a joke. “I respect him a lot,” concluded the Chilean.

Let’s remember that on Friday both had already had an acid dialogue after the presentation of Fran Sfeir. On that occasion, Cuevas praised the imitation that Juan Pablo Queraltó’s wife made of Shakira, while Mediavillano was completely convinced.

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