Bajraktari with the next double pack for St. Tönis – two times Velbert with full yield

The DJK Teutonia St. Tönis has a former Liverpool player in Samed Yesil, but Leonard Bajraktari is another offensive man in a goal mood. SpVg Schonnebeck was able to maintain its position at the top, as it again scored five goals and has two teams from Velbert in the “Club of Six-Point Teams”.

Immediately at operating temperature: Leonard Bajraktari (green jersey; here an archive photo) from DJK Teutonia St. Tönis has four goals after two games.

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The SSVg Velbert made people sit up and take notice on Friday evening with a 6-2 win against Sportfreunde Baumberg. Diallo opened the game for the home team from the penalty spot after four minutes. Machtemes added it just six minutes later. Geishauser (36th) shortened to 1: 2 in the meantime, but Velbert remained the snappier team. Hilger (45th) with the break whistle and a double strike from Diallo (52nd, 61st) after the break ensured clear conditions and the preliminary decision. In the end, a well-deserved victory for the SSVg.

The rest of this voluminous 23-league – with the exception of the game-free TSV Meerbusch – went to the sports fields and stadiums on Sunday. Here two other teams caught up with the SSVg Velbert. One of them was city rival TVD Velbert, who defeated SC Düsseldorf-West through Heck and Gaetano. More spectacular – and therefore still in first place – is SpVg Schonnebeck, which defeated FC Kray 5-2. Studtrucker gave the starting shot for a successful afternoon in the 18th minute, but in minutes 25 and 27 it didn’t even taste like success because Usein and N. Bosnjak shot the Essen district club in the lead. In retrospect, it turned out that it wasn’t much more than a flash in the pan, as Barra (42nd) and Brandner (45th + 1) turned the game even before half-time. Round two stood under the motto “Increase leadership”, which Studtrucker (60th) and Hoffmann (80th) also reliably did. With that Schonnebeck let the net fidget again five times after the 5: 0 at the start against Schwarz-Weiß Essen.

Soul balm for black and white food

That ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen grieved after the 1st match day about the 0: 5 bankruptcy against Schonnebeck including two red cards. But even in this game, the Essenes had good phases. And now, against the Cronenberger SC, eleven of them left the field and that with three points in the trunk. At the beginning ETB goalkeeper Yashin had to keep his team in the game with good deeds, but then the black and white offensive became more powerful at times. Kilav crossed after nine minutes to Romano, who finished massive to 1-0. But it was over for the first time with the Essener glory, until well into the second half the CSC set the tone and with a Neuse own goal (61st) also in terms of results on eye level. But with the quasi-last arrow in the quiver, the ETB managed to win at home, again it was a tight shot, now from Mumcu (85th). Coach Suat Tokat analyzed afterwards: “We had few playful solutions, we have to work on them. Nonetheless, we are happy to take the win with us. We risked everything in the last 20 minutes and luckily we made it 2-1. For the head they are three points extremely important. ”

What else stood out in this large league? The 4: 1 of DJK Teutonia St. Tönis against Jahn Hiesfeld can be called, to which ex-Liverpool striker Yesil could not contribute a hit, but Bajraktari did two. With Diallo (SSVg Velbert), he leads the list of goalscorers with four success stories each. It was really turbulent between 1. FC Mönchengladbach and FSV Duisburg: A 2-0 turned into a 2-2, then Mönchengladbach moved away again to 4-2, before an own goal by Shanazarifar to make it 4-3 again in the last few minutes Brought in pepper. But the FCM won their personal opening game because they had to sit out on matchday 1.

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