Bahía woke up with a strong smell of smoke: what is it about

From the early hours of the day, the voicemail answering machine Compass 24 gave account of the great question for the people of Bahia who began their journey: the intense smell of smoke.

But the origin of the problem would not be in Bahia. According to the first versions, It is an imposing fire in the province of La Pampa, almost on the border with Buenos Aires.

José Luis Henríquez, in charge of Civil Defense, said that “confirmed one hundred percent we do not have it because it is too early for satellite images, but we do know that near Bahia there is nothing because we are traveling all our means and we have not seen nothing “.

“We know that there is something big on the border between the province of Buenos Aires and La Pampa. The only thing we have at the Pole is a start-up process in one of the companies, but that is not it, “he said.

Image provided by the Civil Defense office that accounts for the accident.

In addition, on this hypothesis, the meteorologist Leonaro De Benedictis also spoke: “It is not unreasonable to think about this situation because the wind is well marked from the northwest”. And he said that when conditions are favorable for that, we can have smoke from very far away sectors. ”

“There are cases in which it has traveled several provinces, and more when the phenomenon of the fire is extensive,” he added.

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