Bahia will have to wait for the necessary warden to be built

The construction of a warden in this city, for now, will have to wait despite the overcrowding of detainees in jail and local police stations, as well as in the Saavedra prison, which implies a serious problem for the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service and the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires.
A few days ago, in the Official Gazette it was published that the provincial Ministry of Justice called a public tender for the construction of departmental governorships in Berazategui, Lomas de Zamora, Escobar, Merlo and Almirante Brown, but despite the claims of Mayor Héctor Gay In this sense, Bahía Blanca is not on the list.
Emiliano Álvarez Porte, undersecretary of municipal Security, confirmed to La Nueva. that they will ask the provincial government to include the execution of the work in next year’s budget, although he clarified that the realization of the project “depends” on the portfolio in charge of Julio Alak.
“So far there has been no news in this regard for our city, where the construction of a warden is an urgent need because the cells in the police stations are closed and this situation generates a significant logistical problem,” analyzed Álvarez Porte.

“When (the minister) Alak was there, the mayor told him about it and the same was done with (the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio) Berni. There is a project to do it on a property that has the Penal Unit No. 4, but progress has not yet been made, “he concluded, without giving details on the reason for the delay.
A ministerial source, meanwhile, stated that “all” the projected city government construction works will go out to tender progressively and “in batches.”
“Before, surely, these tenders will have to be treated in the Legislature,” added the spokesperson.

Spare parts are coming

Chief Commissioner Aldo Caminada, superintendent of South Interior Security of the police force, said that the eventual construction of a mayor’s office in this city is due to a “political decision.”
“Of course, a warden is necessary because having prisoners, detained or apprehended in the police stations represents a great demand for personnel and many times those people deprived of liberty are in inadequate conditions because the allowed accommodation capacity is exceeded,” acknowledged Caminada .
The police chief took the opportunity to announce that at the local level repairs are planned in the Women’s, First, Second and Fourth police stations, to guarantee the minimum conditions of habitability.
“Of the seven Bahia police stations, the only one with enabled jails is the Sixth (Villa Rosas), where the accommodation capacity is exceeded by more than 100%. This not only happens here but also in the Tornquist, Patagones, Coronel Suárez and Coronel Pringles sections, ”he remarked.
“In those districts, the number of detainees is three times higher than allowed. In general, detained women must be transferred to Monte Hermoso, where there is capacity for two people. We try to comply with habeas corpus, but sometimes we have to house more detainees because there is no room in other police stations, “he added.
In Caminada’s discretion, this problem has an impact at the national level and, he affirmed, “Justice knows it.”
“We not only house detainees in procedures carried out by the Security Police, but also people arrested in operations carried out by the Highway Police, Drug Trafficking, DDI (Departmental Investigations Delegation) or any other decentralized body, because these units do not have cells”, explained.

“That is why they have to ask us for a space, but since we do not have the capacity to accommodate even our own detainees, we cannot accommodate detainees from other units. The cells are closed ”, emphasized the commissioner.
The enabled jails also do not meet the essential requirements for the stay of a detainee, according to the interviewee.
“A few months ago, in Pigüé, detainees rioted and damaged the cells. This situation forced them to have to relocate them to offices that were already overcrowded, “he said.

In Mar del Plata

The police superintendent gave as an example the case of Mar del Plata, where those “directly apprehended are housed in the warden inside the jail, which is the most appropriate place”.
“I’d rather have the police on the street doing crime prevention than taking care of detainees. I understand that here in Bahia a secluded place has already been defined within the Penitentiary Service to build a warden, ”Caminada said.

Collapsing penalties

Excess. The interim general defender of the Bahía Blanca Judicial Department, Pablo Radivoy, specified that the maximum capacity of inmates to detain in the Villa Floresta prison is “less than 600”, but this week there are “915 prisoners” housed.

Figures. “In UP No. 4, generally, there are around 980 inmates when, in reality, the maximum capacity is between 560 and 580 inmates,” Radivoy explained.

Saavedra. The representative of the Public Ministry also pointed out that for at least 3 years the prison population in the Penal Unit No. 19 of Saavedra, “doubles” the maximum established capacity.

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