Bad poll results: Spahn calls for a change in strategy by the Union

Dhe deputy CDU chairman Jens Spahn has called on the Union to change its strategy in the final spurt of the election campaign in view of the disastrous survey results. “We need a change of strategy, we also need an election campaign that makes the differences clearer,” said the health minister on Sunday evening on Bild TV. In addition, he spoke out in favor of relying more on the team behind Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. “We have good people who also make up the Union as a team,” said Spahn.

“Whoever chooses CDU and CSU gets (Friedrich) Merz and (Markus) Söder, also Spahn and (Annegret) Kramp-Karrenbauer, also (Carsten) Linnemann and (Karl-Josef) Laumann and also (Dorothee) Bär and (Nadine ) Fine, said Spahn. It is the strength of CDU boss Laschet “to be able to put together a team, to be able to have strong minds even in the cabinet in the closest team”. Spahn continued: “We have to fight for the next four weeks.”

“Multicultural or leading culture?”

In the future, the Union must work out the differences more concisely, demanded Spahn. “Some want to introduce and increase taxes, we want to lower taxes. Climate protection through bans or climate protection through innovation? Multicultural or leading culture? “

The downward trend of the Union had solidified over the weekend, another survey saw the SPD with Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz as the strongest force. The demand for a change of the Union’s candidate for chancellor from Laschet to CSU boss Markus Söder rejected Spahn at Bild TV: “You don’t change the coach in the current game.” For him personally: “I support our chairman with full conviction and candidates for chancellor. “

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