August 29: Did you know that today is Gamer Day?

Data was created in 2008 with the objective of making the population aware of the benefits of electronic games

This Sunday, august 29, is celebrated the gamer day. You might not know it, but players have a special date to celebrate video games.

Although today virtually anyone with a cell phone in their hands can be called a gamer, to the point that companies like EA question the reason for using that word, this is an occasion to show the community strength.

Intel Gamer Days: Laptops and PC Gamer Hardware Deals

Especially in 2021, several companies embraced the special date as a way of realizing games, consoles and PC hardware promotions. This is the case of Intel Gamer Days, a whole week of promotions bringing together some of the main Brazilian manufacturers and e-commerce sites. Good for consumers, of course, who have more reason to celebrate.

Gamer Days: teaching how to build a gamer machine
We built a true consumer dream based on Core i9-11900K

Gamer Day: Why August 29th?

“Gamer’s Day” was born in Spain, in 2008. That year, the magazines Playmania, Hobby Consoles e PC Mania decided to get together and prepare a special schedule for celebrate the importance of electronic games and the benefits they are capable of generating for all cultures.

The initiative worked and, in the following years, more countries adopted the idea, to the point that Gamer’s Day is now considered an international date. Maybe you haven’t heard much about this date in previous years, but the fact is that it seems that in 2021 it “caught” around here. Dozens of companies announced specific actions for this audience throughout the week.

Numbers prove it: one of the strongest industries in the world

According to data from Game Brazil Search (PGB), 73.4% of Brazilians play some type of electronic game – therefore, 3 in 4 each Brazilian are gamers. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the industry’s numbers to rise: people spending more time at home playing more games, causing the number of gamers to increase by 7.1% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Me, you and Diego are all gamers!

When it comes to the global market, the numbers are also impressive: in 2020 alone, the electronic games industry produced revenues of US$ 126.6 billion – the equivalent of almost R$ 660 billion, according to SuperData data. Is it or is it not a reason to be happy with the performance of our “little games”?

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In 2020 alone, the electronic games industry produced revenues of US$ 126.6 billion – the equivalent of almost R$ 660 billion

After all, what is it to be a gamer?

For Elle McCarthy, Vice President of the Brands Department at Electronic Arts, the term “gamer” is becoming obsolete. However, how is it possible to say something like this when we are talking about a consumer audience that is only growing? This is precisely the key point of the issue.

Think about internet access. In the beginning, when few people had access to the internet, we could separate the population between “internauts” and “non-internauts”. But today, as virtually everyone accesses websites and online services at some point, talking about “Internet users” doesn’t make much sense, as we all are.

For you, “gamer” is just someone who plays on PC or console, or is someone who plays on mobile a gamer too? Think about it.

Similar rule applies to games. When everyone (or at least a large majority) plays something, that is, they are “gamers”, the “non-gamers” practically cease to exist.

Of course, you can argue that a “real” gamer is just someone who has a powerful PC or a dedicated console. However, that is not how the industry sees the numbers. If you play on your smartphone, even if it is a simple “snake game”, you are a gamer, yes.

We are all gamers, so congratulations to all of us. How about celebrating by playing something?

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