Ariel Nahuelpán applies to play in Chile

Ariel Nahuelpan It is one of the new options that arise to be part of national football without being born in Chile.

He is a Argentine striker, already 33 years old, and 1.87 tall, who today plays for Peñarol in Uruguay and expressed an old personal desire: to play in our country.

It is something familiar, that comes since I was a child. My father is from VillarricaHe was talking to me about Colo Colo and also about Iván Zamorano and Marcelo Salas. He always had the dream that I would play in Chile ”, explained Ariel Nahuelpán in conversation with Redgol.

With more than 120 goals in championships as important as the leagues of Brazil, Spain, Ecuador and Mexico, his Mapuche origin inspires him.

“I went for the last time in 1996 and I fell in love with Chile. It was something beautiful, the people are very polite, very respectful. It is a family dream that my children can live in peace and have the chance to grow up where my father was born.“, Said the trans-Andean attacker.

The options that Ariel Nahuelpán plays in Chile

His present has it as the “9” from Peñarol, where he has a contract until the end of the season. For this reason, he hopes to end his relationship in the Uruguayan team and look for the option of scoring goals on Chilean courts.

Ariel Nahuelpán makes a positive evaluation of the level of football where he can fulfill his family dream. “I am guided by the players of the national team, those who were two-time American champions with a team of great hierarchy,” he insisted.

My blood is Chilean. My children inherited that blood: my daughter was born five days ago and has very marked features. My wife is Ecuadorian and she only inherited part of her eyes, but my daughter is Mapuche, ”stated Ariel Nahuelpán, excited to play in Chile in 2022.

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