Annoy Schmidt "half own goals" at first defeat as a dynamo coach

Alexander Schmidt lost a competitive game for the first time as coach of Dynamo Dresden. The coach was particularly annoyed by the way the goals conceded and was forced to take corrective action after just 33 minutes.

SGD coach Alexander Schmidt was satisfied with the attitude of his team, but less with the goals conceded.

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Alexander Schmidt has been the coach of Dynamo Dresden since April 26th – he had never known the feeling of losing a game. In eleven games including the DFB Cup, the SGD remained without defeat across all seasons. The time had come against Paderborn, even if Schmidt saw his team “not so extremely inferior”, “that the bare result is 0: 3”.

Early correction by Schmidt

The otherwise safe defense of the Dresden team showed itself to be very vulnerable in the first half, which was certainly also due to the injury-related loss of Tim Knipping. The defense chief of Dresden (kicker grade average: 1.83) is not to be replaced, but “we have to compensate”. The approach chosen by Schmidt of ordering Michael Akoto in the central defense alongside Michael Sollbauer and using Morris Schröter as right-back was corrected by him after 33 minutes when the score was 3-0. Sebastian Mai, who had replaced Knipping against Rostock, came into the game.

The fact that the captain was not a candidate for the starting line-up was due to knee problems and a break from training. But at the beginning Schmidt had “a good feeling with Akoto inside”. But only for 33 minutes. Then he ordered Mai into central defense, put Akoto in his traditional right-back position and pulled Schröter one station forward.

The biggest mistake in the game wasn’t Akoto, even if he didn’t look happy at 0: 3, but the much more experienced Sollbauer, who made the first of two goals possible for Kai Proger with a stick error. After these “half own goals” Schmidt just wanted to change something – and at least defensively it worked better afterwards.

Clever and ripped off Paderborn

At Dynamo, however, there was a lot of patchwork at the front, even if the coach said his team was good, “that we always believed in ourselves and that we tried to make the connecting goal until stoppage time” – it didn’t work out on its own. Paderborn simply “made a totally clever and ripped off impression” that day.

Maybe the international break comes in handy, because after his first defeat as dynamo coach Schmidt announced that he wanted to work with his team to be more present in the attack line and to avoid mistakes in the defense area like against Paderborn in the future.

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