Andy Kusnetzoff introduced León with a moving post about his fight in neonatology

Andy Kusnetzoff He was a dad for the second time on August 20. However, the little ‘Lion’ had to stay in neonatology for a few days and just presented him this Sunday with a moving post and the first photos of the baby.

The driver of PH, We Can Talk and his wife, Florence Sanchez They were already 5-year-old Helena’s parents and in mid-April of this year they announced that a little boy was arriving.

“Life is moments. And you can go from the ceiling of happiness to one very low. Getting to Neo for the first time is tough. But with the days you begin to value other things. You walk into a movie and you don’t care anymore what happens outside. It is a place of baby fighters, gladiators who thrive on love and professionalism of each person who works with so much love. They are not only dedicated to babies but also to parents. Just thanks to the entire Neo Trinity. I admire and value them“Andy wrote in his post.

And I add: “Leon sure learned his most important lesson there. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but there are always good people who give you a hand. Your name says it all. You are a lion. And now being 4, to enjoy family life. Separate paragraph for mothers. They bank physically and emotionally everything. I don’t know how they do! Flor, you’re a lioness! Welcome son! We love you! ❤️🦁👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. As Gustavo says, it takes time to arrive but in the end there is a reward“.

For her part, Florencia also wrote emotional words for the arrival of León and his fight in neo: “You came on Friday, August 20, to change our lives. We dream of you and we wait so long! From your first hours of life you brought us many lessons … Life always surprises you minute by minute … with joys, with challenges, with surprises, fears, hopes “Florence wrote.

“They were days of eternal waiting… I think the longest of our lives. The neo became your unthinkable and unknown first home. Between cables, monitors and so many other things we learned how to change your diapers, take a bath, give you a tit. Ugh, how many feelings! ”, added.

“You have honored your name from day one, Leon. You are a warrior! Today we can say thanks to that first house and to each of those people who caressed you, held you back, pampered and cared for you. Thanks for your wonderful work. They will always be in our hearts and in your story. Thanks to life, always. And now yes son … to roar! The four of us are together, forever. We love you infinitely, Leoncito “, the production company closed.

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