Andrea Pietra told the moving story of the adoption of Ani, her daughter, in Haiti 11 years ago

This Saturday, in We can talk, were invited: the actress Andrea Pietra; the singer L-Gante; the actress Sabrina garciarena ; driver Claudio Rigoli and the journalist Agustina Casanova. Andy Kusnetsoff He took the opportunity to learn more about intimate aspects of his life.

Within the program, celebrities told various stories that responded to the theme raised by the host, ranging from the comic to the emotional. One of the stories that stood out was the one he told Andrea Pietra remembering the moment he went through with a partner Daniel Grinbank.

Andrea and Daniel They decided to try various methods to have biological children and they couldn’t. After this they evaluated the possibility of adoption. The excited actress spoke about this process and what they went through to get to Years In their lifes: “My story of great love, Daniel has a lot to do with this”, started.

We were doing ‘Agosto’ with Norma Aleandro and a great cast, so Dani traveled to meet her and take the papers. When he arrived in Haiti, no one came to look for him, it was a disaster because the earthquake had happened. It was 10 days. He ended up sleeping on the floor of the orphanage, without food, without being able to bathe or have hot water ”, The Actress told.

Then he continued: “Dani begins to travel. As I did not say that I was adopting, Norma one day called me in the dressing room and told me that she was worried about me. I said that Daniel was going to New York. She asked me why I was traveling so intrigued, “Norma, what do you think a girlfriend has? She has a girlfriend, but in Haiti,” I said..

After many, many trips, when Daniel wants to give the last name to Years, but in Argentina, there was no jurisprudence where the partner of a concubine puts the surname of their adopted daughter. The judge summoned me and asked me why I didn’t want to get married. For me it is my cabal I told him we were together twelve years ago and I saw couples of fifteen who were getting married and separated”, He closed between laughter.

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