An Argentinean sues China for 200 thousand dollars so that "take over the catastrophe" of COVID

An Argentine who contracted coronavirus sued China for about $ 200,000 for considering that the Asian nation is responsible for the pandemic and remarked that “someone has to take charge of this catastrophe.”

This is Matías Bergalli, who is sponsored by Patricio Poplavsky, head of the International Law Offices firm, a specialist in international law who is carrying out the lawsuit of 3,000 victims in different parts of the world. “The lawsuit is more than anything because information was denied and each country would have prepared in a different way and so many people would not have been lost,” said the citizen who joined the international cause.

“Everything they denied gave me anger,” said Bergalli, who assured that “the demand is $ 200,000 upwards,” according to internationally established parameters. “I do not want to take advantage of this situation,” said the young man in radio statements, while saying that he had the disease in March of this year.

“Why do I have to lose the projects, the quota for my car, why are the consequences on my body? Whoever it is, someone has to take charge,” said the victim.

And he insisted: “What they did and what they denied gave me a lot of anger. Someone has to take charge of this catastrophe,” explained the Argentine who is part of a class action lawsuit. Bergalli decided to join the lawsuit against China by maintaining that the authorities of that country “did not warn anything about the pandemic and when it got out of hand it was too late.”

“My lawyer has the information that Chinese officials knew of the seriousness” of the disease, the plaintiff said, stating that “China denied the information and this could have been prevented.”

Bergalli is 39 years old and considers himself a survivor, but was on the verge of death and stated that he had “a miraculous recovery” to continue enjoying his family, but clarified that his cousin did not have the same luck because “he died and left three children orphans “.

He resides in Ramos Mejía, is married and has 4 children (3, 4, 9 and 18 years old); two of whom are at-risk patients because they have heart problems. “I was infected in mid-March of this year, supposedly by my nephew since his teacher was asymptomatic and continued to teach as if nothing was happening,” said Matías.

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