AMD includes 17 new PCI IDs of Navi GPUs 21, 22 and 23 in Linux kernel: update on the way?

Rumors indicate that the company should launch models made in a 6 nm node

It is expected that the AMD bring new boards based on architecture RDNA 2, but these boards they should just be an update of the existing models. bringing an improved design and a little more efficiency and performance. But until then this possible news is just a rumor, but the very AMD may have confirmed this through the Linux kernel.

That’s because the manufacturer’s engineers sent the latest round of patches to the driver DRM do kernel do Linux AMDGPU, that adds 17 new PCI IDs to the huge list of IDs already present in the driver. Despite being a considerable number of new IDs, it’s quite easy to know which GPU they represent, that’s because the manufacturer itself shows this in patches.

starting with Navi 21 (Sienna Cichlid) which adds five new SKUs to the seven that already existed, namely: 0x73A5, 0x73A8, 0x73A9, 0x73AC, 0x73AD. O Navi 22 SKU (Navy Flounder) currently has four IDs in the driver, now the company has added five more: 0x73DA, 0x73DB, 0x73DC, 0x73DD, 0x73DE. Lastly, the company is listing seven more IDs for Navi 23 (Dimgrey Cavefish) which are joining the four existing ones, namely: 0x73E8, 0x73E9, 0x73EA, 0x73EB, 0x73EC, 0x73ED, 0x73EF.

Credits: Reproduction / Freedesktop

Unfortunately the only information we have about these new features is these new PCI IDs added by AMD to kernel Linux. This news may not necessarily mean that the company will launch new models or update its GPUs Navi, but she may also be adding them to models that are undergoing engineering testing.

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But as pointed out by the portal VideoCardZ, rumors point that the company is actually preparing to release three GPUs Navi 3X e bring updated versions of some GPUs, which would be made using a 6 nm fabrication node. Along with that, the website Tom’s Hardware stresses that the such late release of PCI ID to the Linux kernel driver often means the release of additional GPUs, this is because the changes have been submitted and are about to enter the kernel Linux main with software support becoming official.


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Source: Freedesktop, Tom’s Hardware, VideoCardZ

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