“Alberto Fernández has a psychophysical deterioration and is not fit to govern”

Guillermo Moreno visited this morning the studios of THE COMPASS 24 within the framework of the electoral campaign for the Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primaries to be held in 13 days and analyzed the current situation, with heated criticism of the current administration: “Alberto Fernández is not fit to govern, he has a psychophysical deterioration ”.

“One of his blunders was that he sent the Minister of Health to negotiate with the CEO of Pfizer. A president with common sense who had to buy vaccines had to send the best buyer, who is not from the State, stand on a corner of Once and look for the most suitable one. Fernández is a boy who loves to make decisions and they all turn out badly, “said Moreno, at the beginning of the talk with journalist Germán Sasso.

In addition, he recalled: “Once, Cristina asked me what was the difference in driving between her and Nestor. I replied that he spoke at the end and she at the beginning, which filled her with pimps. Kirchner would let you speak to discuss it and then make a decision and put us all into a fist. Cristina developed the habit of individual decisions, such as the election of Alberto Fernández. That same day I said that I had chosen the worst, he is a social democrat with whom you can only share a coffee but the decision-making is horrible ”.

“The President is not fit, I have been saying it for two or three months. Within the Law everything, outside the Law nothing. There is legislation that allows the situation to be resolved and the election of the Province will be an indicator of how politics continues in Argentina. If Peronism, not this social democracy that currently governs, has a good result, it will speak louder and the future of Alberto Fernández will depend on that, ”he stressed, in another section of the radio interview.

“Before the pandemic, the economy fell 2% in those first months of government. To say that between health and the economy he chose both was stupid. If you open the tap and no water comes out, it’s economy, not health ”

Later, he recalled that “when Alfonsín or De la Rúa resigned, the law was not violated. I say the same in public as in private. The important thing is to have mental flexibility to understand. At the end of 2018 I said that a transitional government was needed. Argentina had the possibility in April 2019 to have a transitional government that Macri and Cristina did not allow ”.

“Macri told Morales Solá proudly that his government ended in August. Why didn’t he finish it sooner, giving him eight months to resolve issues that brought political costs that no one is willing to pay. That was what Duhalde did, we Peronists speak well of him. He delivered the country on foot, to the point that his Minister of Economy continued with Nestor Kirchner ”, reflected Moreno, with his characteristic verbiage.

And he redoubled the bet: “Macri does not have a good memory in the people because he ran a disastrous government and the same is going to happen to Alberto. Cristina told him that it was an official who does not work and asked him to put order. It is not impossible to change the leadership, within the Law. The Partido Obrero, the UCR are not going to pay the cost, that’s what the Executive is for ”.

“Alberto Fernández has a psychophysical deterioration that goes beyond his thought structure. He blamed his wife when the famous photo was leaked. If there is a pandemic, no parties are held, especially if you signed a government. You don’t have to create situations where your own family violates the rules. In politics he is persuaded and your wife understands you ”, he described, with total crudeness, in relation to the current affairs of the first president.

He even stressed that “Alberto is a man of circumstantial relationships, he has no friends, he changes them all the time. He lived in a two-room apartment at age 60 with a six-foot, hairy dog. There are things where your psyche has to work. Not everyone can occupy the position that occurs to them. It has a structural problem in decision-making, with a European head that does not solve the problems of Bahía Blanca ”.

“Creole thinking is needed to understand the city as the northern head of Patagonia. As a national deputy I must resolve the issue of the Port of La Plata, putting it in value. Bahía Blanca is the Port of Argentina for its deep waters. Yesterday when we were coming along Route 33 we saw a long line of trucks that is the result of this ”.

Regarding his way of cataloging the President in recent months, Moreno noticed no lesser detail: “In the photos, Alberto Fernández appears with his shirt and jackets wrinkled, there is something that is not right.”

“I was the entire government of Nestor, all the first of Cristina and half of the second. I did self-criticism and even told the anecdote, I suddenly arrived at my old woman’s and she was scared because she thought I was leaving the country. There was a lack of flour, sugar, oil and immediately the Military Coup would come. I got to the office and solved it. As Secretary of Commerce, there were very ugly feelings experienced by older adults and I am in charge of that ”, he argued, as a mea culpa.

In the final section, he recalled that “it is a lie what Verbistky said that I was armed at the meetings and it was because of the progressivism that is in the current government. They confronted the union leaders, then the mayors, interfered with the leaders and isolated some of the leaders of Kirchnerism. The problem with Peronism is that the forces confront it, we do not speak in terms of the Left-Right ”.

“I go to Mass every week, I am a Catholic, but we have a broad view because the person at the top of my list in Bahía Blanca is Luciano Martos, who is an evangelical. If you vote for us, pure and unique Peronism with doctrine, your children will be happier. Corruption is a very personal issue, no one can accuse me that I have kept the money of a third party, I only object to the methods, “closed the former Secretary of Commerce.

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