Agustín Rossi: “The province is going to grow enormously post-pandemic”

Agustín Rossi left the Ministry of Defense of the Nation to compete in the Passes and presented himself with his own list together with Vice Governor Alejandra Rodenas. If it reaches the Senate, it will encourage the six departments of the northern province to have the same benefits as the provinces of the NOA and NEA. It also seeks to federalize the province with the creation of two new universities in Reconquista and Venado Tuerto.

“How do you see Santa Fe today?”

—Santa Fe has an important productive diversity. It has important industrial cordons, such as Rosario, Villa Constitución, San Lorenzo, Santa Fe, Santo Tomé, Reconquista, Rafaela, Venado Tuerto. And it has a very strong agricultural sector, especially in the south of the province, which is characterized by having productive units of medium number of hectares, or small number of hectares. It is a land divided into many hands, which means that we have a large number of producers. A very powerful agribusiness, which has its manufacturing expression in the Las Parejas and Armstrong area, but also in the more than 20 ports between Arroyo Seco and Timbúes, where 80 percent of the province’s production comes out. It has a north and a south. I have long maintained that Santa Fe can not only be seen expressed in the Central Region (which Santa Fe integrates with Entre Ríos and Córdoba). The Central Region has more to do with the south of Santa Fe. The north has more to do with the NOA and the NEA and one of the projects that I plan to promote when I get to the Senate is to equalize in the benefits of promotional and tax policies It drives the national government for the big northern provinces to the six northern departments automatically. If our north is not caught between the development of the south and the active industrial development policies that are in Santiago del Estero, in the Chaco, in Corrientes, then it ends up clearly damaged.

—You spoke more than once about a diverse province.

—It is a province that has an important middle class, fundamentally because most of us live in urban centers of different sizes. It has a powerful educational system, but I believe that, above all, access to higher education must be federalized. We are missing two national universities, one in Venado Tuerto and the other in Reconquista, which is a proposal that we are also going to take to the Senate. Then we would have five universities in addition to the Technological one in Santa Fe. The experience of the national universities in the suburbs has been very powerful.

Another important thing about the province is diversity. When you see the poets, they write to Santa Fe from different places. The Santa Fe of Julio Miño is not the same, who writes to the coast, to the pastures, to the river; than the poetry of Pedroni who marvels at the immensity of the Humid Pampa, or urban writers who describe Santa Fe as Juan José Saer, although he was born in Serodino, tells the city in a wonderful way, or our Negro Fontanarrosa in Rosario. That is the province, the province that I want to represent with that diversity that it has, it seems to me that when you analyze it with today’s photograph, you will find an export sector that is very strong, which has been one of the least affected by the pandemic because there is an increase in production volumes, and there has been an increase in commodity prices, we have a very good harvest this year and next year it will be better.

And we have an export sector, a development of small and medium-sized companies that needs consumption and protection for that. Some productions have been reestablished, such as the white line, now what needs the reestablishment of this type of productions is consumption and the internal market. And for that we need more salary, more pensions, more pensions and that creates more jobs. I believe that as we leave the pandemic behind, we will generate an economic recovery and an improvement in social indicators.

—What is the main concern of the people of Santa Fe; if it is the same in the north and in the south.

—When one sees the indicators of the province, the main concern despite the pandemic and despite everything continues to be insecurity, And that for me has things that must be done and that must be carried out. It is impossible to solve the problem of insecurity from one day to the next, but at least a path must be traced. For me, there has to be a strong agreement between the national and provincial governments for there to be convergent policies on security. And the other way is a political agreement between all the democratic sectors of the province to draw up a security policy that is absolutely respected by all, regardless of political color. I have not been raising it now, I have been raising it since 2012: I believe that a debate needs to be raised to organize a security policy that is outside the electoral debate. A great Santa Fe agreement is needed with all sectors, there are cities that have had worse problems than ours that have been able to resolve the security issue. What we don’t have to get used to is living with this and having a horizon that allows us to find ways and improvements every day.

—How do you imagine the post-pandemic scenario?

—The province is going to grow enormously post-pandemic, because of what I was saying about the export sector. The industrial sector is going to grow. The province is wonderful. There are experiences: for example, here in Carrizales; It is one of the few places in the country where there is a bicycle seat factory. And for years there has been that factory that withstood the wave of the 90s and continues to manufacture. Or towns like Ramona, which has its Ramolac dairy, which has its development in a part of the province. Or Bigand, who has the Mauri cookie factory, which is very busy locally and in the region. The coexistence between agriculture and industry can be strengthened and I have no doubts that Santa Fe is going to grow a lot and that we are going to go towards the Santa Fe that we want, a Santa Fe that we want and that can be enjoyed by all.

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