According to the audience survey, Scholz wins the TV triall

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz is the winner of the TV triumph according to a first audience survey. This was the result of a Forsa survey on Sunday evening among a little more than 2500 viewers on behalf of RTL and ntv. 36 percent said that Scholz had “all in all won” the TV debate. 30 percent voted for the Green candidate Baerbock as the winner of the exchange of blows, Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet landed in third place with 25 percent of the votes. Nine percent chose none of the three.

The audience’s decision on the question “Who do you trust most likely to lead the country?” Was even clearer. Here 47 percent voted for Olaf Scholz, 24 percent for Armin Laschet and 20 percent for Annalena Baerbock. The result of the question “Who did you find most knowledgeable and competent?” Was similar. Scholz was here with 46 percent clearly ahead of Union candidate Laschet with 26 percent. Baerbock got 24 percent.

Laschet collects the fewest sympathy points

The SPD candidate for chancellor was also able to score most of the sympathy points. When asked “Who did they find the most likable?”, 38 percent of those questioned answered “Olaf Scholz”. The Green candidate Baerbock landed just behind with 37 percent. The Union candidate Laschet achieved the lowest sympathy values ​​among the surveyed viewers with 22 percent.

Criticism of the appearances of all three candidates came from the top candidate of the left, Dietmar Bartsch. “Three candidates, one opinion. A lot of thrashing about phrases instead of politics. The Triell offered a debate about the real problems of the people ”, said Bartsch of the newspaper Rheinische Post. “What should nurses, saleswomen, policewomen or parcel carriers take away from this discussion? I wasn’t allowed to fall asleep, but I’m happy for everyone who was allowed to, ”said Bartsch.

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