A young man was stabbed to the head to steal cocaine from his home

The corpse stabbed in the head of a 24-year-old young man was found inside a house, inside which cuttings of nylon bags were seized, of which they are usually used for the fractionation of cocaine.

The murder was registered in the west of the Buenos Aires suburbs and for this reason the police investigators believe that the case would be related to the sale of drugs. It is suspected that the crime occurred as the result of a fight and that, after killing the victim, the murderers escaped, taking the drugs.

The judicial spokesmen affirmed to cronica.com. With that the 24-year-old man was found killed inside a farm that is located in Máximo Paz at 5200, almost at the intersection with Carlos Tejedor, in the jurisdiction of Cuartel V.

According to what was stated by the informants, the boy’s lifeless body was found by one of his relatives, who immediately notified the 911 emergency telephone number of the situation, which caused the uniformed members of the Patrol Command (CP) of Moreno will attend the scene of the episode.

In this regard, the witness maintained that, upon arriving at the house, he saw that the door was open and that the young man lay dead inside the house, who was on the ground, with blood on his face.

Experts from the Moreno – General Rodríguez Delegation of the Scientific Police determined that the victim had an accurate stab wound in the region of the head (at the level of the right ear) and that he had lost his life at least 72 hours before the finding of his corpse.

Members of the Barracks V police station (4th of Moreno) searched the interior of the home and then seized nylon trimmings, which are often used to divide doses of cocaine.

Thanks to the various data obtained in the file, it is suspected that the murder was related to the commercialization of drugs and that the boy had been attacked as an epilogue to a dispute.

Based on this hypothesis, it is presumed that, after attacking the victim, the criminals escaped with the illegal substances.

He intervened in the case, which was titled “Homicide”, the doctor Gabriel Sebastian Lopez, Prosecutor of the Functional Unit No. 8 of the Moreno – General Rodríguez courts.

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