A police officer abused his stepdaughter, the video was filmed and posted on his WhatsApp status

An officer from the city of Río Hondo, province of Santiago del Estero, He was arrested in the last hours after posting a video on his WhatsApp status in which he was seen sexually abusing his partner’s daughter, a 16-year-old teenager.

The case came out, it was known by an error of the accused himself and it was a neighbor of the neighborhood who, upon noticing the recording, went directly to the policeman’s house to reprimand him. The video was later presented as evidence by the victim’s mother and the man’s girlfriend, with whom they also have another one-year-old son in common.

After the complaint, the judge of Control and Guarantees of the Río Hondo and Jiménez District, Diego Vittar, resolved yesterday in a hearing to convert the simple arrest into detention for fifteen days of the policeman, accused of the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access, aggravated by the coexistence situation.

According to a source close to the case a New dairy, the teenager began to be harassed by her stepfather several months ago. In that sense, the victim claimed that the man abused her between three and four times a week and always at dawn, while her mother and brother slept.

The latest attack, the same one that led to the arrest of the abuser, occurred recently one night while the teenager was still studying in her room. The man came in, sat on her bed, and started abusing her. The victim never realized that, on that occasion, he was also recording her with his cell phone.

The defendant’s phone was seized by the investigators and their tepid attempt at justification was of little use, stating that it was never their intention to viralize the images of the minor.

On the other hand, in parallel to the arrest, it was learned that the cashier’s wife and mother of the victim expressed her desire “not to see him again.” In that sense, he made a presentation in which he requested the restriction and total distancing of the uniformed man and that the Justice be in charge of giving him a visitation regime for the son they have in common.

Meanwhile, special protection measures were ordered for the teenager who suffers from crying and depression due to the exposure she had, and it is expected that in the next few hours she will declare through a Gesell camera.

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