A man strangled his stepdaughter during a birthday and left her half-naked body on a bed

Yamila Belén Araujo, a 24-year-old mother of two children, was murdered during a family birthday at dawn on Sunday in a house in the Buenos Aires town of San Miguel. The main suspect in the femicide, her stepfather, was captured in the last hours at a cousin’s home in Tortuguitas.

The body of the victim was found by one of his sisters yesterday around 2:30 p.m. half naked and on a bed, on the first floor of a house located on 2700 Platon Street, near the intersection with Primera Junta Avenue.

According to witnesses, the birthday of Yamila’s mother had met them there on Saturday night and around 5 o’clock the partner of the woman and stepfather of the victim, Javier Benítez Ortigoza, accompanied the young woman to her room because she was drunk.

The alleged femicide has a history of kidnapping and robbery. (Photo: courtesy of Diario Efecto).

Although then they saw the suspect, a 29-year-old Paraguayan national, leave almost immediately from the room, a while later there were those who claimed to have seen him return. On that second opportunity, Benítez Ortigoza spent about half an hour alone with the victim. “He left the key in, I had planned to return”, Said this morning Damián, brother of the murdered young woman. And safe: “He raped her and killed her.”

While awaiting the result of the autopsy, a preliminary report from the experts of the Scientific Police warned that Yamila had signs of strangulation. For his part, his brother added: “I had wounds in the arms, he wanted to defend ”.

Benítez Ortigoza disappeared shortly after committing the attack and managed to remain at large for several hours, but the SUBE Card tracking It was key this morning to locate the accused in the house of a cousin, in the Buenos Aires party of Malvinas Argentinas.

According to the testimony of the young man, TN reported, the alleged femicide was in a relationship with his mother and lived with them for two years, but before he had been imprisoned for almost a decade. for kidnapping and robbery. “He was behaving well,” Damián complained, and stated that in the last time they had never noticed any suspicious attitude in him that would allow them to anticipate what happened this weekend.

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