A 12-year-old boy lost his life in a sinister road that occurred in Cachi

Yesterday afternoon, for causes that the Police are investigating, a car rolled over; the driver was injured and his 12-year-old companion lost his life.

Minutes after 3 p.m., a passerby went to Police Station 61 Cachi warning that a motorist lost control of the road and overturned.

Immediately the uniformed men headed towards Fort Alto place verifying that the incident occurred on provincial route No. 64, being carried out by a car occupied by two people.

Health professionals diagnosed that a 12-year-old adolescent was lifeless, while the 24-year-old driver was referred to the zonal hospital For your attention.

The examinations were in charge of personnel of the Technical Group of Criminalistics. The Prosecutor for Serious Attacks against Persons No. 2 intervenes in the case.

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