25 years of a "Process" efficient that has the support of our society

“The APELL Bahía Blanca Process (Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at the Local Level) has completed 25 years since it began in the city of Bahía Blanca as a pilot experience within a community where large companies are located,” said engineer Marcela De Simón , who acts as coordinator of the APELL Process.

“It is an area where the industry, the local government and the community impose a permanent dialogue in a mature coexistence that means continuous learning,” he added.

In the APELL Process, “Prevention and Response” go hand in hand.

“It is about joining innovative efforts in the task of protecting people, material goods and the environment against risks of leakage, fire and explosion. This is the premise with which we work within the Commissions (Risk Analysis, Dissemination and Response to the emergency) “, remarked De Simón.

Regarding communication issues, this year we renewed the service with the National Radio station for the dissemination of self-protection measures and useful information in the event of an emergency, “he said.

It is betting, according to it, to the diffusion via networks to the ingenierowhite.com application, through weekly messages informing the followers of the tasks that are being carried out.

“We have renewed the notices that are being broadcast in radio programs related to the town of Ingeniero White. We are placing new posters at the meeting points and relocating the information ones,” said the professional.

“We are also improving the historically used material that we want to continue sharing,” he synthesized.

be present

The pandemic has made every task done challenging.

“For this reason we have put the effort into virtual work to make the most of the time so that the community can also feel the presence of APELL,” he remarked.

“The idea is to continue working to increase the awareness of the population and of course invite the entire community to follow us on our Facebook: APELLBahia and twitter @APELLBahia, we want to continue strengthening ties with her and ask that they come to our offices for any question related to what is prevention and response to a technological emergency “, he assured.

The Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (Plapiqui) continues to work with the risk analysis commission, “which we want to continue doing.”

“And in our near future we plan to incorporate themes of the cereal industry”, stressed De Simón.

“In communication during the emergency we continue working; the drills that have been carried out during the pandemic have been communicational,” the engineer explained.

“The trailer to be used during emergencies is being equipped by civil defense and the municipality has signed agreements with different entities that will act as evacuation and transportation centers.”

Commission meetings continue to be virtual, for the most part.

“We have also begun to open small discussion forums, visits to different institutions. We began to glimpse the possible return to schools with APELL; in the meantime we are reaching the management staff in a virtual way,” said Marcela De Simón.

He highlighted, on the other hand, that working groups are maintained with firefighters, industries, Industrial Park, UTN (National Technological University), UNS (National University of the South) and, internally, in the municipality of Bahía Blanca in an interdisciplinary manner.

“The close relationship with the Ingeniero White community generates, for the APELL process, a permanent commitment to continue working on awareness and preparation for the technological emergency,” concluded engineer Marcela De Simón.

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