214 people will participate this Tuesday in the public hearing for the STJ contest

The public hearing of the contest to fill the vacant position in the Superior Court of Justice of the Chaco will take place this Tuesday, August 31, from 9 a.m., in the convention hall of the Hotel Gala (route 11, kilometer 1.003). The event will be broadcast live through: https://youtu.be/yvUumye6lhE.

According to the information provided by the Council of the Judiciary and Prosecution Jury of Chaco, 214 natural and legal persons registered to participate in this instance, both in person and virtually.

On the occasion, they will be able to comment and ask about the vocation of the person who will occupy the position, as well as their position regarding issues of institutional or social importance, among others. Those who attend physically must have the Covid-19 Passport in green status, in accordance with the system approved by the provincial Executive Power.

The STJ candidates are: Víctor Emilio Del Río, Ernesto Javier Azcona, Jorge Mladen Sinkovich, Gladis Beatriz Regosky, Natalia Prato, Gonzalo Leandro García Veritá, Néstor Enrique Varela, Nelson Guillermo Mussín, Julián Fernando Benito Flores, Fernando Javier Zabalza and Jorge Gustavo Dahlgren.

While the CMyJE examining committee is made up of: Gloria Zalazar (president), Emilia María Valle (vice president), Ismael Barnes, María de las Mercedes Pereyra, Carim Peche, Juan Manuel Pedrini and Marcela González. The alternate members are: Iride Isabel María Grillo, Natalia Analía Fernández Floriani, Jessica Yanina Ayala; Héctor Daniel Zalazar, Roberto Carlos Pugacz, Carmen Noemí Delgado and Noelia Dina Canteros


Until now, The antecedents and opposition stages were completed (technical-theoretical examination, presentation of the judicial government plan and personal interviews) established by law 2082-B.

After the public hearing, the Council of the Magistracy will set the day and time to begin the rounds of proposal and voting, from which the person who obtains at least half plus one of the votes will be proposed.

The proposal will be immediately elevated to the Executive Power in accordance with article 158 of the Provincial Constitution so that it may proceed to its appointment and subsequent swearing-in.

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