Ultraviolet radiation: this is how the solar UV index will be in Santiago today Friday

The Ultraviolet radiation (UV), of solar origin, corresponds to one of the factors to which attention must be paid together with the arrival of the high temperatures, which are already registered with intensity in Santiago and the Metropolitan Region.

This is a type of electromagnetic wave produced by the sun and projected towards the Earth, which is beneficial for health in small amounts. Nevertheless, prolonged and excessive exposure is linked to skin diseases of people.

Therefore, from the Chile’s Meteorological Directorate (DMC) forecast the Ultraviolet Radiation index that is projected for each day in Santiago. This helps citizens to anticipate the risk factor and take action on it, such as the use of sunscreen.

How will the UV radiation index be in Santiago this Friday?

According indicates the RCD, the Ultraviolet Radiation Index for this Friday in Santiago will be 11+, the same figure that it reached this Thursday at sunrise. This corresponds to a risk factor Extreme.

For the same, the recommendation is to use extra protection: avoid going out or exposing yourself to the sun, preferring shady places, wearing clothing that covers the skin, as well as sunscreen, hat and / or glasses with UV-B and UV-A filter.

Ultraviolet Radiation in Santiago has been at an extreme rate for 7 days.

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