Ulises Bueno and Javier Calamaro do "just quit"

Wave and power Javier Calamaro and Ulises Bueno they found themselves in this collaboration that reversed a Calamaro hit from the year 2000: “Quit only”.

“At least two years ago I had been thinking that Quita hardly deserved another version. It was the topic that was the longest in the first position in the national distribution list and I was confident that I could do it differently and update it “ Calamaro said.

The song comes from the FaroLatino Music label, of which Javier has been a member for a few months. And with whom he is working to create his new album.

Calamaro added: “This new version that we did together with Ulises is just a sample of the evolution in my music and of how we can combine and coexist artists who make such different genres. This song is part of the album that I am recording called The gift, which arrives to my life in that way: as something expected, precious and emotional like the stages that I have been going through in my life. The album is the final result of a great creative process where there is a great change of skin “ said the musician.

The result of the duo …

Javier Calamaro ft. Ulises Bueno – Quita clearly (Official Video)

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