Ukraine: Washington “ready” for dialogue with Moscow but also for a “firm response” in case of aggression

“We will now reflect and consult with our allies and partners on what we are going to do,” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters at the White House. According to US intelligence, the Russians have not yet “made a final decision” on a possible invasion of the neighboring country.

“We are ready for all scenarios. We are ready to make progress at the negotiating table” and “we are ready to take the necessary and appropriate steps to defend our allies, support our partners, and provide a firm response to any aggression, “he added.

“We continue to coordinate intensely with our partners on severe economic measures in response to any subsequent Russian invasion of Ukraine,” he warned.

Asked about the unity between the United States and Europe on possible sanctions, he displayed his “confidence”.

This does not necessarily mean that both sides of the Atlantic “will have precisely the same list down to the details”, but “I am confident” that Americans and Europeans will be able “to act in unison in the implementation. tough economic measures, “insisted Jake Sullivan.

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