Two young men disappear in Jalisco after going to a job interview they got on Facebook

JALISCO, Mexico.-In Zapopan, Jalisco they report the disappearance of two minors after last September 9 they went to a supposed job interview that they got through Facebook.

Relatives of the 14 and 16 year olds, identified as David Jimenez Castillo and Francisco Javier Nunez Garcia, indicated that both left their home to talk to those who offered them a job in a snack bar in the Puerta de Hierro subdivision.

However, the last they heard from them was that they got into a car with other people near the Mercado Bola, in Zapopan.

They file the corresponding complaints

Therefore, relatives of the young people filed the corresponding complaints, so that search tokens have already been issued of both teenagers.

According to the information that the relatives have provided to the authorities, the young they sent an audio to a group of friends and they said they were going to the Arcos de Zapopan neighborhood.

They also sent a couple of short videos showing the interior of the vehicle in which they are being driven and part of the way, however can’t identify what kind of car it is and what area is they passing through.

The last connection registered by their cell phones is from September 10

The last connection their phones registered was during the first minutes of September 10, but since then the calls no longer come.

The relatives have asked the authorities to act the same They did it to locate the baby who was stolen from a Zapopan hospital a few weeks ago and the 8-year-old girl who was reported missing in Tlajomulco a few days ago.

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