Two workers are electrocuted on the Saltillo – Torreón highway

On Monday afternoon, two workers died while carrying out electrical maintenance work on lighting fixtures, when when moving a scaffold and touching some high-voltage cables with it, they suffered a shock, dying immediately.

The events were recorded approximately 60 meters from the Plan de Ayala booth on the Saltillo – Torreón highway, where Constantino “N”, 39 years old, and Juan Valentín, 49 years old, workers of the Lacego company, were changing led luminaires.

Both workers of the Lacego company were carrying a scaffold where, due to the height, they accidentally touched some high voltage cables, resulting in a strong electrical discharge, which killed their lives instantly.

It was at approximately 3:30 p.m. when the call for help to the State Emergency System 911 was registered, immediately arriving National Guard agents, who cordoned off the area.

In the place it transpired that the deceased today were originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos; In addition, the Lacego company works directly with Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe).

Criminal Investigation Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office traveled to the place to carry out the corresponding proceedings, later the removal of the bodies was ordered to be transferred to Semefo, where the law autopsy will be performed and with this determine the causes of their death.

It is also expected that in the next few hours family members will come to claim the bodies to be transferred to their city of origin and start the funeral services.

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