Two sisters and a 13-year-old boy murdered a neighbor by stabbing him in the back

In the Buenos Aires town of El Talar, a young man was stabbed to death today by two sisters and a 13-year-old boy, with whom he had a violent discussion. The police officers managed to arrest those responsible for the crime. The dispute is believed to have occurred as a result of old neighborhood problems.

Spokesmen for the judicial department of San Isidro revealed to that the victim of the crime was identified as Cristan Obregon, 24 years old.

According to what was stated by the informants, the incident occurred at the intersection of Avellaneda and Rufino de Elizalde, in the so-called Ricardo Rojas neighborhood, in the aforementioned district, in the north of the provincial suburbs.

It transpired that, in the aforementioned place, a heated brawl was generated, an opportunity in which Obregón was attacked with knives.

Moments later, the wounded man lost his life at the Magdalena Villegas de Martínez Zonal General Hospital of Agudos, located in General Pacheco.

Thanks to the different information provided to the file, the public servants assigned to the Ricardo Rojas sub-police station arrested two sisters, 31 and 20 years old, and a boy, 13, who are accused of having been materially responsible for the case. of the murder.

Obregón died from stab wounds in the region of his back, as verified by experts from the San Isidro Delegation of the Scientific Police.

Authorities from the Tigre Police Station were in charge of supervising the different procedures.

He intervened in the case, which was titled “Homicide”, the doctor Jorge Nocetti, prosecutor of El Talar, dependent on the courts of San Isidro.

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