Two people who practiced paragliding had an accident on Cerro Arco

Immediately Falcon 2 left for that place of the Police Aviation Corps (CAP), an Airbus As 350 B3 (single-engine) helicopter, with three members of the Rescue Patrol Who they rescued the South Korean tourist, identified as Yun Yoon Soo, 42, from Buenos Aires, transferring her urgently directly to the Central Hospital, where they assisted her from severe multiple trauma and exposed lower limb fracture, and its status is reserved.

Then the aircraft returned again to Cerro Arco to transfer the paragliding pilot Alberto Emanuel Sánchez Ozan, 33, with right rib trauma and possible pneumothorax, to the Condor base, where he was waiting for an SEC ambulance to transfer him al Hospital Lagomaggiore.

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Cerro Arco members of the Rescue Brigade had to act due to an accident involving paragliders.jpg

According to the first inquiries, the accident occurred just 20 meters from the runway exit with a seat on Cerro Arco, where apparently the pilot failed to stabilize the glider, and it is studied if he could not take advantage of any current of ascending air to gain height, or if there was inaccuracy.

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For now there is no official information about it, and only recovery is expected of both, so that when medical conditions allow, pCan you provide a statement to try to establish the causes that caused the accident.

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