Two people were slightly injured due to a fire that destroyed a home on Monday night in the Pino Huacho 1 sector on the coast of Valdivia, Los Ríos region.

A two-story house of approximately 140 square meters finished with considerable damage inside, since the facade is still standing.

The house is located in a difficult to access area, there are no taps and no direct installation is possible joining hoses from the river to reach the houses, since it is an area with very steep slopes.

The Fire Commander, Francisco Silva, said that the house was about 70% destroyed.

He also reported that in his opinion, the sector was built with little regulation, considering the difficulties in accessing water.

A neighbor who has lived in the sector for 18 years, Josué Alvarado, confirmed that the house belongs to a woman who lives in Santiago and the two people who were in the house they were taking care of the property.

The origin and cause of the accident are under investigation, the report of which will be issued by the Fire Department of Technical Studies. However, the woman who was in the building at the time of the emergency told neighbors that it could have been the overheating of the slow combustion stove.