Two horses killed in a traffic accident in Holguín

Two horses died on the afternoon of this Wednesday in a traffic accident in the province of Holguín, after the animals were hit by a bus of the Union of Military Constructions (UCM) in the Ramón de Antilla peninsula.

“Right now one of the buses of the UCM Ramón de Antilla, the causes are unknown”wrote a netizen in the Facebook Group Buses & Trucks Accidents, who shared a couple of images of the accident.

(Source: Facebook Capture / Bus & Truck Accidents)

In one of the photos you can see a bus with damage to the windshield and in the other the two bloody animals lying on the road, one of them a foal. Several people are seen at the scene who were traveling in the wrecked bus.

(Source: Facebook Capture / Bus & Truck Accidents)

There is no record that the incident left other injuries in addition to the two deceased animals.

(Source: Facebook Capture / Bus & Truck Accidents)

The post generated dozens of comments from people indistinctly blaming the owners of the animals loose on the road as well as the drivers that -according to the criteria of some Internet users- They tend to go at speeds that impede their ability to react to unforeseen events such as an animal that crosses their path.

“Animal owners should be fined a large amount of money and even taken to prison for negligence. Many people have lost their lives due to accidents of this type. It is true that drivers should take precautions in the event of perceiving loose cattle, but they cannot always be seen clearly or predict where they will come from or if they will do so while running ”, said an Internet user.

“Forgive me that driver, but sometimes they think they are king of the roads, and we see cats, dogs etc … and they just honk the horn. Maybe it came out at the last minute, but I don’t think so. I know that road. And I say it only as a driver, not to mention the irresponsible owners. I’ve seen documentaries that ducks on a highway stop all traffic, ”observed another commentator.

“My people, to eat the cows and the horses crossed on the road, and the owners fines and deprivation of liberty for premeditated murder, do you let the animal loose? You contribute to fatal accidents for humans ”, suggested a user of the group, who asked for“ strong hand ”.

The loose animals on the road are an old evil in Cuba, with the unpleasant consequence of increasing the chances of accidents.

(Source: Facebook Capture / Bus & Truck Accidents)

Usually, the drivers demand greater responsibility on the part of the owners or those in charge of watching over the animals.

(Source: Facebook Capture / Bus & Truck Accidents)

It is a frequent complaint, the origin of several accidents reported this year.

In February, a runaway horse attacked a private jeep in Havana, an event that left injuries, material damage and the death of the animal. The incident occurred on the Calzada de Managua, in front of the entrance to the Club Gallístico Deportivo Alcona road, less than a hundred meters away where on January 6 a person had died in another accident.

In March, a Transtur bus collided with a buffalo at kilometer 56 of the Havana-Pinar del Río section of the National Highway; while in May a wrecked Lada and a dead cow it was the balance of an accident that occurred at kilometer 285, also on the National Highway.

In mid-October, a traffic accident in Villa Clara left a wrecked taxi and a dead horse as a result of the impact of the vehicle with the animal at kilometer 327 of the Central Highway.

One of the most recent episodes took place in early November, when a cow in an advanced stage of pregnancy died on the Central Highway after being hit by a truck traveling from Las Tunas to Camagüey.

The situation of loose animals on the road was not better during the pandemic, although there was less vehicle traffic. At the end of last year, numerous Cuban drivers they reported on social media having seen horses and cattle on the roads of the island, especially at night and first thing in the morning, when the fog makes circulation difficult.

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