Two arson attacks shook homes in the west

The house is meters from Zuviría and Teniente Agneta.

A house located in Zuviría at 5600, in the Azcuénaga neighborhood, was the target of arson attacks on Sunday and Tuesday nights. The attacks left a scorched gate. At the moment the saga has not passed to greater, but the concern in the neighborhood is latent, in a city where interpersonal conflicts on many occasions lead to attacks with bullets against the facades.

“They had already wanted to set fire to his house on Sunday, but they called the police and put it out among the neighbors,” they told this newspaper a few hours ago about the first tightening, apparently caused by a Molotov style bomb.

The rumor in the neighborhood is that the victim of the damage is a merchant and that he has a brother who was a councilor for Rosario, although no one risked motives or accurate versions. The aggressor, they assure, is mobilized in a black car: “Some believe it is a Corolla, others a black Focus that was standing for a long time in the corner.”

This Tuesday the sequence was repeated, although with a slight difference in the mechanics. “I just saw a guy get out of a car with a jerry can and set the front of a house on fire,” said an unwitting witness to the event. This time, the flames consumed themselves.

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