A woman was the victim of the theft of her vehicle during the day on Wednesday in Las Condes, but the quick action of the Carabineros and municipal security allowed the car to be recovered and the thieves arrested.

Carabineros arrested two people linked to the robbery of a car in the commune of Las Condes.

The situation occurred on Wednesday afternoon, when a woman was the victim of a car theft when was parked in Presidente Riesco with Manquehue.

Two individuals approached her with a knife, who threatened her and demanded the delivery of the car.

Everything was spotted through a security camera, so that Carabineros and municipal security personnel were warned of what happened and they started the search for the mobile.

After spotting him, they began a follow-up that ended in Manquehue with Los Militares, where the two individuals were arrested.

Major Joaquín Nazar reported that thanks to this the vehicle was recovered and the personal species stolen from the driver.

The detainees are 17 and 18 years old and do not have a police record.