Two alleged Colombian extortionists who operated in the Historic Center of CDMX are prosecuted

MEXICO CITY.- After the evidence provided by the agent of the Public Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, a Control Judge issued an order of process link against Andrés “N”, alleged leader of a group of extortionists that operates in the Historic Center of CDMX, for his probable participation in a crime against health, in his form of drug dealing, in his hypothesis of possession for commercial purposes; as well as bribery.

In parallel, the social representative obtained the informal preventive detention against Eulogio “N”, for its probable participation in crime against health, in its form of drug dealing, in its hypothesis of possession for commercial purposes; possession of cartridges in excess of the permitted quantity; carrying a firearm without the corresponding license; and bribery.

During the initial hearings, in both cases the judges they qualified the arrests as legal, for which agents of the Public Ministry of the Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation of Relevant Matters, attached to the General Coordination of Investigation of High Impact Crimes, made the corresponding charges.

They set a deadline for the closing of the complementary investigation in the case of Andrés “N”

Photographs: CDMX Attorney General’s Office

In the case of Andrés “N”, received justified preventive detention The deadline for closing the complementary investigation was set at one month and 15 days.

Regarding Eulogio “N”, the defense requested the duplicity of the constitutional term; while, will remain with the precautionary measure that was imposed on him.

The defendants were arrested during two searches carried out by agents of the Investigation police (PDI) in the municipalities of Coyoacán and Gustavo A. Madero.

In the first, they detained an individual, along with various dose of green vegetable with characteristics of marijuana and others of cocaine; in the second, they arrested another man with possible narcotics, a firearm and cartridges.

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