Twin Towers: the survivor who lives in Mendoza

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For English, one of the most shocking things was the smell that permeated each space, as an inevitable reminder to those who were in the City. “I lived on the other side of the Hudson River and from my apartment I could smell too much all the smell of that toxic well, a mixture between the smell of an electrical fire and 3,000 dead people, horrible. My decision to move to Argentina was immediate. Living with tragedy on your face was unbearable, “he recalled.

At age 30, he was working as a consultant for a telecommunications company. Despite his young age, he had planned everything to achieve what in the United States they call the American dream. “Basically, it consists of having your own house, your family, money saved in the bank and a stable job “David said.

“In New York, every day they leave the newspaper at the door of your apartment. Usually people pick it up in the afternoon or evening when they return from work. In my complex there were many apartments that, for several days, accumulated and accumulated newspapers on their doors. That’s when I understood that those people were never going to return (several work in the Twin Towers) “, He told Infobae about how he learned of the death of many people he knew and loved.

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Once he settled in Mendoza, he signed up for a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and Management at the Austral University. He arrived with the dollar savings he had up to that point, allowing him to start a new life in a province where the climate, the landscape, the wineries, the good food and the quality of its people impacted him, according to his own words.

Perhaps fate or chance made David escape from that tragedy, take a subway and get home safe and sound in the midst of so much chaos. Now he enjoys Mendoza with his son Benjamin and does not think of going back.

20 years after the attacks on the Twin Towers, trauma and pain are still present

Two decades after the attack on the Twin Towers, the United States Secret Service published a series of unpublished images of September 11, 2001.

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