TSV Sasel shows pure dominance at Bramfelder SV

The TSV Sasel sorted into season 1 of the Hamburg Oberliga apparently at the top. The 4: 1 at Bramfelder SV was not only well deserved, but also the third win in the fourth game.

The view went on the offensive: TSV Sasel around Andranik Khachaturi Ghubasaryan (here an archive picture) had little trouble with Bramfelder SV.

imago images/Hanno Bode

“The zero has to go,” was Bramfelder SV’s plan for the catch-up game against TSV Sasel. But the guests, who arrived with six points on the credit side, immediately took the reins in both hands on Friday and dominated the match. This was noticeable for the first time on the scoreboard in the 20th minute, when the BSV could not clear a cross properly and Kourkis was served the second ball accurately. Around 120 seconds later, the next cross sailed into the Bramfeld penalty area, this time Nick Gerken lay down in the air and placed the ball in the goal with an overhead kick.

Sasel was able to afford a somewhat wasteful exploitation of opportunities due to the leadership and the constant superiority. And TSV didn’t have to do without cheering, Toksöz converted a penalty kick shortly before the break. With Celikten’s 4-0 win (59th), even the biggest hardcore pessimists were reassured, Bouveron still scored the consolation goal in the 72nd minute.

A special substitution is noted from the 89th minute, because attacker Marcus Borgmann promptly celebrated his debut in Sasel dress a few hours after his transfer and can now call himself the first pursuer of the prominent and ambitious leading duo TuS Dassendorf and Concordia Hamburg with his new team.

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