TSE orders Sandra Torres to resume the position of Secretary General of the UNE Party

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) orders that Sandra Torres resume the post of general secretary of the National Unit of Hope (UNE) party.

For the decision, the TSE considers that the National Executive Committee of the political party, since it does not have the minimum number of members established in article 31 of the Electoral and Political Parties Law, is currently disintegrated.

Therefore, the Department of Political Organizations based on what is considered and laws, resolves in compliance with the provisional protection of August 12, 2021 granted by the Second Chamber of the Court of Appeals of the Criminal Branch, Higher Risk Processes and Extinction of Domain constituted in Extraordinary Constitutional Court of Amparo.

Therefore, the TSE “orders” that Sandra Torres once again assume the position of general secretary and legal representative of the UNE Party.

According to the TSE, this right by legal mandate assists it, since it was elected in the National Assembly held on April 2, 2017. The resolution also indicates that the lawyer Óscar Arturo Argueta Mayén held the position of secretary general temporarily until the date that is assumed again by the holder of the position.

According to deputy Orlando Blanco, the decision was not made by the TSE, it was made by the head of political organizations, who according to the legislator, was put in office by a magistrate who is an ally of Torres.

He pointed out that this decision is political and arbitrary, since it comes from political pressure towards TSE magistrates. According to Blanco, Torres manages 20 votes in Congress and this would influence support for the election of the board of directors.

He added that there is pressure to register Torres in the Department of Political Organizations and according to the deputy, this registration has no legal consequences because the UNE Committee is disintegrated.

Blanco indicated that the “most probable” is that the TSE will proceed to suspend the UNE for lack of integration.

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He said that Torres becomes a member of the referred Committee; furthermore, the national assembly has not been held.

He announced that they will present two actions, one is the review before the TSE and they will denounce the director of the registry of political organizations for abuse of authority, breach of duties and violation of the Constitution.

On August 30, the Second Higher Risk Chamber granted a provisional amparo to the former presidential candidate Sandra Torres and revoked her ban on politics and the house arrest that she had maintained since January 8, 2020.

On July 23 just last, Torres appeared before the Higher Risk Court A for a hearing in which he requested authorization to attend political meetings, among other requests.

Torres stated on that occasion that the coercion measures limited his work and his political career.

Torres is prosecuted for a case of Illegal Electoral Financing to the National Unit of Hope (UNE) party in the 2015 political campaign and is indicated of illicit association and electoral financing not reported for Q5.9 million.

On January 8, 2020, the Higher Risk Court E granted Torres’ house arrest with bail of Q800 thousand.

The dispute over the leadership of the UNE was transferred to the judicial area on October 26, 2020, when Óscar Argueta asked to be a complainant in the case of unregistered electoral financing against Sandra Torres.

The UNE pronounces

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