Truths and Rumors

They say that “promising does not impoverish”, and that phrase fits the province of Coahuila like a glove, because within the framework of the Fiscal Package for 2022, presented this week by the federal Government to the Chamber of Deputies, the Project Expenditure Budget apparently has some increases in the items of Participations in lines 28 and Contributions in line 33, just over 3 billion pesos, more than those assigned

in principle for the entity this year.

Programmable Spending also appears with a nine percent increase compared to 2021, so more than one more than one more than one brunette came out to show off the generosity of the fiscal miscellany; But our subagents, disguised as a leather armchair in San Lázaro, tell us that from the saying to the fact there is a long way if we consider that the year of the pandemic, 2020, and what goes on from 2021 were characterized by the surprising “snips” in the issue of the participations, and that despite being labeled, they were not sent to Coahuila in the fall of the Participable Federal Revenue.

So there was no shortage of someone who took out the abacus to do the math and add the 400 million pesos less that was cut to the province at the beginning of the year in federal spending, or the 550 million pesos that were cut in this second semester, without counting the 1,500 million that threaten to be victims of the sharp scissors of 2021. In terms of security, the budget allocates most of the resources for security to the Secretariat of the Navy, the National Guard and the Sedena, 141 billion, but it leaves the municipalities and states without support, by assigning them to the police in charge of preventive work,

surveillance and arrests only 7 billion. Now the fight to get a little more resources is on the field of scholarship students … Sorry, federal deputies for Coahuila. Let’s see what accounts they give.


Those who began to read the budget in detail cleared up doubts about the Healthy Water for La Laguna project, which with the passing of days sees more light, since despite the legal problems it faces, it has already allocated 2.3 billion of pesos in the budget for 2022. Despite the location given by President López Obrador in his last artistic tour of La Laguna, in which he set the date of October 3 to determine the destination of resources to other items if it is necessary to cancel the hydraulic work, budgeted at more than 11 billion pesos, for the amparos, now it is seen that it was a “cramp” to put pressure. For now, the work tables for the socialization of the project are advancing with the help of the Governments of the provinces of Coahuila and Durango, which are adding up. The only question arises as to where the one billion pesos announced will come from to support the 9 municipal operating systems involved in the project and with which they must replace the old and fractured hydraulic network full of leaks and debts with the CFE and the Conagua itself for non-payment of its water rights.


Our subagents, disguised as policemen without examination of control and trust, of those that are mandatory according to the General Law of the National Public Security System, report to us that where it is urgent to start the process of delivery, reception, or at least undertake a ” in-depth review ”of the work system that is being carried out at the moment, not only by the patrolmen but also by the middle managers and their bosses, is at the Torreón Municipal Public Security Directorate. The dependency has practically become an island, since when its facilities are found there on the outskirts, protected like a fortress, away from curious and inquisitive eyes, they are accountable to no one. Those who know the issue of security in government transition processes, especially when it comes to different political parties, highlight the risks that the situation is conducive to committing “mischief”, or as the phrase says: “Letting go, letting go”, and they accuse that any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence. The subagents mention that even inside some elements are making noise and invent things in unstable social networks in order to destabilize, while others already bring their own lists of possible bosses who could become directors and, as they have not seen No one who at least goes to check the weapons, the vehicle fleet or the communication systems, because they do not flinch; In terms of security and maintaining a favorable public perception of this area, more and more people consider that the first step should already be taken, in an area in which, some say, they will require “major surgery.”


Those who came out this week to shine, after years in oblivion, were the members of the “Red Tide”, that group of brigade members, mostly women, assigned to carry out cleaning tasks in parks, public spaces such as the Plaza Mayor, Alameda, El Bosque, roads such as the periphery or Independencia Boulevard, the removal of graffiti paint from the bridges, as well as weeding and other jobs that at all costs seek to avoid the unionized of the Directorate of Plazas and Gardens. The group was abruptly terminated in 2018 when the municipal administration changed and the PAN arrived. Now, with the return of the tricolor, our subagents, who hear everything and see everything, report to us that the governor of the province of Coahuila launched into the air (understood in instruction mode) the recommendation to give continuity to urban improvement programs , and not only improve them but also budget for them instead of disappearing them, which is why the “multifunctional” workers have already begun to raise their hands, who want to return to the municipal scheme of the main services, which will also mean an employment opportunity for a vulnerable sector , which also does not earn a thousandth part of a “fifí” advisor. According to the subagents, some spaces, such as La Jabonera, the Yellow Line … I say Green —that’s because they hardly even water it—, as well as Paseo Morelos, will receive rescue programs in the first days of the next administration.


Those who just don’t get one right are those in charge of the federal welfare programs and in the province of Coahuila they are in charge of the superdelegate of the federal government. It even seems that they do it on purpose. Not only do they fail in the strategies of the modules of the National Vaccination Plan, giving rise to long lines, but then they come out with not completing the biologicals and comfortably blame the citizens by saying that they are not duly registered on the official platform and for that reason they do not reach the doses; But in the case of payment to adults over 65 who are beneficiaries of pensions, they do not learn and make them live an ordeal, in a story that repeats itself every two months. Since last Monday the payment began in the facilities of the Tecnológico de La Laguna, the old Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the UA de C and in the Federal Palace. The older adults endured hours and hours of waiting under the inclement sun; several had sunstroke and some even had blackouts from standing so long. There is no one who offers a bottle of water, puts chairs or awnings … What’s more, there is no one who asks for support from other institutions to improve the service. Complaints proliferate, but instead of correcting faults, blame everywhere.

Our subagents believe that now that in the Federal Budget, Q4 gave a 40 percent increase to pensions for the elderly and incidentally also increased the amount of support for people with permanent disabilities, as it would be good to radically dignify their conditions as well. delivery of your supports.

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