Truck destroys a taxi in the Virgen del Camino

A truck collided head-on with a taxi this Thursday in the busy area of ​​the Virgen del Camino, in Havana, in a new road incident that adds to the wave of very frequent traffic accidents in Cuba in recent times.

The incident transpired through the Facebook group “ACCIDENTES BUSES & CAMIONES for more experience and fewer victims!”, Where several Cuban users of the social network shared photos after the collision occurred, which destroyed the entire front part of the taxi. Some claimed that the truck was also damaged.

According to the comments, there were no fatalities to mourn, although presumably two people were injured.

“Accident today in the Virgen del Camino, the orange truck turned to avoid a car and hit the yellow taxi head-on, thank God there are no victims, but there were injuries,” published a member of the group, but did not specify how many injured nor in what state were they.

Screenshot / Facebook Group “BUSES & TRUCKS ACCIDENTS for more experience and fewer victims!”

However, in another post from the group, an Internet user assured that the taxi driver and his companion were in serious condition as a result of the strong impact on the vehicle.

Several of those who commented on this publication agreed on the speeding and wet pavement as factors that could have originated the crash.

Screenshot / Facebook Group “BUSES & TRUCKS ACCIDENTS for more experience and fewer victims!”

The occurrence of traffic accidents in Cuba in recent years has reached alarming levels, both due to the numbers and the severity of the claims. The escalation of events of this type is known mainly through publications on social networks, in the absence of updated official statistics from the Cuban government.

The year before, the loss of hundreds of human lives in accidents on the streets and highways of the country. According to official data from the National Road Safety Commission, from January to September 2021, 51% of traffic accidents on the island reported at least one victim.

As of the ninth month of last year, about 350 people died and more than 3,700 were injured. as a consequence of incidents on the public highway. A total of 5,612 accidents were registered, 84 more than in the same period of 2020.

Government authorities identify the human factor and the irresponsibility of drivers and pedestrians as decisive elements in accidents in Cuba, and point out the lack of attention to vehicle control as the main cause of these events. However, they ignore the poor road and motorway conditions and the technical condition of the vehicles, elements of particular concern to Cuban drivers.

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