A truck carrying more than 9 thousand liters of oil collided with a containment barrier near the Chamichaco Crossing in Ercilla. The accident caused its overturning and subsequent fire of proportions, in which volunteers from Firefighters from 4 communes work.

A traffic accident affected a fuel truck near the Chamichaco crossing in the Ercilla commune, La Araucanía region. The machine carried more than 9,000 liters of oil.

For reasons under investigation, the vehicle collided with a containment barrier, then overturned and began to catch fire. All this at kilometer 588 from north to south on the side of the road.

Firefighters from Ercilla, Pailahueque, Collipulli and Victoria are working hard to put out the flames, those that are proportional considering the amount of fuel involved.

In addition, it was reported that the roadblock will be maintained for at least 2 to 3 more hours while the work to control the accident lasts, in which personnel from the Ruta La Araucanía Concessionaire also work.

According to information from Radio Bío Bío Temuco, the driver managed to escape from the truck by his means before the fire started.