Tropical storm ‘Pamela’ makes landfall in Durango

The filling of the dams increased due to the rains left by tropical storm Pamela in Durango, so surveillance will be maintained for the next few hours, informed the head of the General Secretariat of Government, Héctor Flores Ávalos.

In this sense, although the rains were not of the intensity that was expected, they reported that there was a greater impact in five municipalities of the entity, especially damage to homes.

“In the part of the affected municipalities we have reports basically in five municipalities where the rains have been particularly intense, a significant accumulation of water is reported in San Dimas, Nuevo Ideal, Santiago Papasquiaro, also the part of Coneto and Mezquital,” he said.

Therefore, he assured that communication is maintained with the mayors to analyze the requirements and it is not ruled out that an Emergency Declaration may be requested after evaluating the damage.

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And although there is no longer the Natural Disaster Fund Trust (Fonden), he explained that an effort is being made through other bodies such as the DIF.

He said that for three days the State Council for Civil Protection has been in permanent session.

“Fortunately, there is still no report of any major substantive damage in this part of the state, but this situation may evolve,” he mentioned.

Hence, a permanent surveillance of the affectations in the different municipalities of the entity is maintained, especially those of the mountain area where the rain was more constant as well as the dams that are already more full.


Capufe reported the closure of the Durango-Mazatlán superhighway at kilometer 154, in addition to the reduction of lanes in several sections of said road, due to landslides caused by the rains.

The decentralized public body of the federal government reported the presence of damage in different areas of the superhighway, affecting traffic in both directions.

For this reason, the communication route was closed at kilometer 154, while at kilometers 173, 185 and 197 the lanes were reduced.

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Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) recommends users to take the proper precautions, given the prevailing weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the National Guard, in the Roads mode, reported on the implementation of a road safety device due to the closure of circulation on the same road.

The foregoing after the landslide of a slope, near kilometer 145 + 800 of the Durango-Villa Unión section.

In this sense, a road safety and informative device was implemented for users, near kilometer 122 of the Durango-Villa Unión highway, Lázaro Cárdenas-Villa Unión section (Coscomate booth) to continue along the alternate route, along the federal highway near from kilometer 111.

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