Trial in Miami against Pablo Lyle is postponed again

The trial of the Mexican actor Pablo Lyle in Miami for the death of a man with whom he argued on a traffic issue was postponed again this Thursday at the request of the defense.

One of Lyle’s lawyers, Bruce Lehr, said that the judge in charge agreed to the petition and that there will be a programming hearing again on November 30.

The trial of the actor, who is under house arrest in South Florida, accused of involuntary manslaughter, was scheduled for the end of this month and has already been postponed several times.

On March 31, 2019, Lyle beat 63-year-old Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández, who four days later died in a hospital.

That day Lyle was on his way to the Miami airport with his son in a vehicle driven by his brother-in-law, Lucas Delfino, when they came across the car driven by Hernández.

At a traffic light, the Cuban got out to reproach Delfino for a maneuver he had made.

In the middle of that discussion, Lyle got out of the car and hit Hernández, who, according to images collected by security cameras from a nearby gas station, collapsed instantly.

The sixty-year-old died four days later in a hospital.

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