Trial for the femicide of Araceli Fulles: How did two men armed with a knife and an ax enter the hearing?

The trial began for the femicide from Araceli Leaves, 22, who was brutally murdered on Jose Leon Suarez in 2017. Two men, one of them charged in the case, They were detained al enter armed with a knife and an ax to the courtroom of the San Martín courts where the debate is taking place.

The defendant who had been released for the oral trial and who was detained on Tuesday morning is Hugo Cabañas. The police personnel in charge of security in the San Martín courts found him “A cutting element”, similar to a knife, between his clothes at the time of entering the second hearing of the oral trial, judicial sources indicated.

Cabañas is an employee of the corralón that belongs to Carlos Casalz, another of the defendants who was arrested last Sunday when he went to vote, a day before the start of the trial, accused of intimidate witnesses and to Araceli’s mother.

At the same time, a man unrelated to the cause who had mixed with Araceli’s family and friends, was arrested this Monday after wanting to enter the judicial building with an ax.

The researchers explained that the man has a psychiatric illness and he said his goal was “Cut off his hand or one of his fingers” to one of the eight defendants.

Araceli Fulles, 22, the victim. There are eight defendants (Archive).

These intimidating episodes surrounding the debate began with the defendant Casalz, who is credited with intimidating a witness and intimidating Araceli’s mother, for which he was imprisoned this Sunday when he was going to vote at a school in Villa Ballester.

“They sent me this chat at four in the morning. It’s a video of this guy walking with a machine gun. I don’t know who sent it to me, but I took a screenshot of what they sent me, and I reported it to the prosecutor, confirmed Monica Ferreyra, mother of Araceli.

Ricardo Fulles, Araceli’s father, for his part, indicated that “who was arrested yesterday (for Sunday) is the one who really murders Araceli, together with the other defendants “. “He was the one who wrapped the seal around her neck to end up killing her”He said in dialogue with TN at the door of the San Martín courts.

The femicide trial is carried out before the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 3 of San Martín and has eight defendants on the bench.

In addition to Casalz and Cabañas, they are charged Hernán Rodrigo Badaracco, Carlos Antonio Ibarra, Marcelo escobedo, Daniel Alaniz and the brothers Jonathan and Emanuel Avalos, all of them currently free.

The eight defendants were charged with the crime of “homicide aggravated by femicide and by the participation of two or more people”, which provides for the penalty of life imprisonment.

The young woman was last seen at dawn on April 27, 2017 (Archive).

The court is made up of judges Martin Klobovs, Carolina Martinez and Hannibal Bellagio, while the prosecutor in charge of the debate is Mariana Piwarczuk.

Judicial spokesmen specified that Throughout the debate between 150 and 300 witnesses will appear, and it is anticipated that it runs until October 7.

Araceli (22) was found dead on April 27 under some rubble in the courtyard of the Badaracco house (31), located at Alfonsina Storni 4477, in José León Suárez, San Martín district, in the northwestern suburbs.

The young woman had been seen alive for the last time at dawn on April 2, 2017, in a square near her home, and the last contact with her family was at 7 in the morning of that day, when she sent her a message. to his mother saying: “Old woman, prepare things for the mate I’m going home”.

But Araceli never appeared and her body was found 25 days later after the intervention of dogs belonging to the Punta Alta Volunteer Firefighters.

The autopsy determined that the young woman died of “mechanical suffocation” by “tie strangulation” with an element compatible with plastic seals.

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