Trench campaign: the FIT linked the Green Party with Kirchnerism

In the province, the primaries have already passed and the general elections will be held on November 14. On Mendoza, the third place for now is vacant and the fight has already begun to captivate the 10% who voted blank. In that fight, there are two matches that compete head to head are the Left Front which obtained 4.96% and Green party with 5.70% of voters. In that dispute from the FIT they assure that there are Kirchnerists on the ballot that they lead Marcelo Romano and Mario Vadillo.

Noelia Barbeito, candidate for national deputy for the Left Front, spoke in MDZ Radio and explained how they are positioned in the face of the general elections with a scenario where there are doubts about who will be the third force in Mendoza and who will capitalize on the blank votes where their percentage was around 10%.

“There will be an interesting clarification campaign regarding the November elections by the other forces that have to do with people who today are in the Frente de Todos and present themselves as an independent alternative such as the Green Party,” said Barbeito.

Del Caño, Jiménez and Barbeito, members of the FIT.

Specifically, Barbeito was referring to the candidacy of Andrea Blandini, current senator of the Frente de Todos who recently distanced herself from Kirchnerism and today has a place on the Green Party ballot. Blandini was the candidate for mayor of Godoy Cruz in 2019 on the ballot of Anabel Fernandez Sagasti and his son was an advisor to the senator Lucas Ilardo.

Andrea Blandini and Anabel Fernández Sagasti.

Faced with those statements, Noelia Barbeito, assured that his opponents for third place as Mario Vadillo and Marcelo romano of the Green party they are positioned for the National Congress but who remain for legislative positions such as the current senator. He even accused her of voting in favor of the program Mendoza Activa Hydrocarbons that aims to carry out fracking in Mendoza.

What’s more, Barbeito He described that they will be closely following the members that make up other political spaces since they assure that “the traditional parties are very skilled in Mendoza politics that they do not give a stitch without a needle and in this they have been great shipowners of other electoral fronts and after that you see it in the Legislature when everyone comes together. ” In the case of the Green Party there are also radicals such as the former mayor of Rivadavia, Ricardo Mansur.

“We try to show that voting for the Left is not a thrown vote and it will be concrete which legislators are the ones who sit down and there it is determined whether a Ramón or someone similar to him or a wood worker sits,” he said.

For the FIT benchmark, the result they obtained leaves them well positioned for the month of November where they want to play a bench in the Provincial Legislature. “The National Government suffered a blow from Let’s change and we also see an important advance on the right. But there is also a malaise that left us ranked third at the national level. In Mendoza there will be an important dispute, in the first section for example that we are third there, “he concluded.

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