Tremendous: this is how they steal his car, run him over and escape with the vehicle

A man who was about to enter his car in the garage of his house was surprised by a thief. The victim had got out to open the gate and the assailant took the opportunity to get into a vehicle. His owner tried to stop him, they struggled and the criminal started, went over the owner of the vehicle and fled with the car.

A security camera in the area recorded the robbery, which occurred at 11 this Monday in the town of Gerle, in southern Conurbano. AND Chronicle HD reproduced it.

The channel also interviewed the victim’s wife, Celia, who had also gotten out of the vehicle so that her husband could enter the garage, but she was walking towards the inside of the house.

“The car was running, with the driver’s door open and the window on that side as well. My husband sees that the thief gets into the car. He didn’t want (to take it away) and he hung on the window. When this man (for the assailant) backtracks, destabilized him (my husband) and threw him (and then run him over), “the woman said.

Celia said that her husband was examined by a doctor, who ordered an X-ray as a precaution. “We have to go to the hospital for a plaque on his arm. But except for that bone part, it’s fine,” he said.

leaving his house he was accosted by a thief. After struggling inside the vehicle, he manages to escape. It is at that very moment that the villain runs over him, runs over him and fled.
A Crónica HD team approached the scene and spoke with the victim’s wife.

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