Travis Scott makes his first public appearance since the Astroworld tragedy

Travis Scott has made its first public appearance since the tragedy that left 10 dead and more than 300 injured in the last edition of Astroworld.

The problem? It seems that the almost $ 75 million In lawsuits that have been formulated around the tragedy, they do not seem to stress him at all, since his appearance, instead of pretending to show his face and show regret, was more on a golf course next to Michael Jordan y Mark Wahlberg.

Just like CoS reports, in days after the tragedy, Travis had secluded himself on his property in Houston, Texas where you did not leave your apartment for at least 2 weeks.

However, it seems that now he has decided to start traveling now that he has paid for 10 funerals for the people who died at his event, in addition to offering assistance and advice to all the injured.

Although there is an investigation against Travis by the events, recently Chuck D (Public Enemy) has defended the rapper after mentioning that all the attention is focused on him, and no one is talking about Live Nation as promoter and organizer of the concert, since in the end, Scott is the face and talent, but the production, direction and all the structural aspect of the event fell to them.

What will end this mega demand that grows more every day?

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