Transtur renews its fleet with almost 800 cars for tourism in Cuba

The Cuban state agency Transtur It renewed its fleet of cars with about 800 vehicles to provide rental services to tourism on the island, according to the entity itself this Wednesday on social networks.

Through Facebook, Transtur shared images of the new acquisitions in a context marked by an economic crisis in the country that affects, among other fundamental things, the transport sector.

“Kia Picanto, Hyundai Elantra and Santa Fe, together there are about 800 vehicles that you will be able to rent very soon in our offices and on the new website that we will make available to you,” the company announced, provoking various criticisms.

“The problem is when you arrive in Cuba, there are no cars. And then they ask you for $ 300 USD above the price of the car, if not, you screwed up. They are scoundrels ”, said a user in reference to the quality of the service.

“What audacity, why didn’t they take that money to fix the hospitals and schools. The town does not have what to eat and you are posting those tarecos ”, another judge judged. “Three months and there will not be one left, there is no car that will last. First fix the roads, “said a third Internet user.

“Are you seriously not sorry to publish this? Do not show the people more how little they care, at least do not upload these stupid things that children are dying in hospitals because, according to you, there is no money and they are bankrupt, so be ashamed and do not renew more cars to the foreigners and buy ambulances for the Cubans”Said a fourth user.

At the end of October, Transtur announced that car rental in Cuba would only be available through card payments and in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC), clarifying that Cubans residing inside and outside the country could rent according to the requirements “for everyone equally.”

The agency explained this after circulating information that Cubans residing on the island would not have access to the car rental service, as it would be reserved exclusively for foreigners and residents abroad.

Car rental was stopped in Cuba due to the health crisis due to the coronavirus, although the service has been partially resumed with the reopening of some airports. However, it has not been generalized to the rest of the country, which will reopen its borders on November 15.

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