Transit: how are the routes of Córdoba

After the strong winds registered on Monday that caused several traffic accidents, the Highway Police updated the status of the routes.

WATCH: Due to the strong winds, a chain accident occurred on route 19

For this Tuesday:

Route 36: enabled

Cba-Rosario highway: enabled

Cba – Carlos Paz Highway: enabled

Square Road: enabled

Altas Cumbres road: enabled

Route 19: cut by a road accident at km 321, detour in Rotonda de Malvinas Argentinas and at the entrance to Monte Cristo.

In turn, on Wednesday, the Camino de las Altas Cumbres will be cut off for ten hours due to a new blast in the Quebrada del Condorito National Park area.

The traffic cut will be in charge of the Highway Police at kilometer 3, at the Cañada Larga post, and at kilometer 87, at the Copina parador between 8 and 18 hours.

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