Tragedy: three young people died when they were hit by a truck

Three young people lost their lives on the spot after having been involved in a serious traffic accident. The victims were driving motorcycles and hit a truck and then were run over by a similar vehicle that was coming behind. Two drivers were delayed by disposition of the intervening Justice.

Last night, Route 92 became the scene of a tragedy that mourned the Sunday day near Colonia Dora, two kilometers from the junction with National Route 34. Although until last night everything was a matter of investigation, a truck driver named Sánchez de The 32-year-old told the police that he was driving his Mercedes Benz transport bound for Rosario, when around 9:30 p.m. he observed through the rear-view mirror that two motorcycles had passed another truck that was coming behind him.

Always based on Sánchez’s testimony, seconds later he would have felt an impact on the back of his vehicle, so when he looked again, he observed that the other truck lost control and ran over the motorcyclists. The sources indicated that the occupants of the motorcycles were four young people, Nazareno Mendoza, 18 years old, Eduardo Escalada, Fernanda Benavídez and Tiziana Soria. The first three lost their lives on the spot and Soria was hospitalized.

The prosecutor on duty in Añatuya, Dr. Florencia Garzón, ordered that the remains of the victims be transferred to the Judicial Morgue for an autopsy and that the two drivers, Sánchez and Sergio Font (33), be delayed preventively and the dosing is practiced and a testimonial statement is taken from them.

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